The most recent celebrity death affects ME the most. In this case, Prince.

I remember my first time seeing this celebrity do the thing they are famous for. Nobody had seen anything like it at the time. I asked someone, “who is this?” In this case, they replied “Prince”. I was sold.

I uniquely feel like I grew up with this celebrity. It felt like there was a new unit of media they released for every chapter of my life. So, I am the saddest that this celebrity is dead.

This celebrity was an icon. This celebrity made it okay to do the social barrier that they broke down. In this case, “being weird and sexual but not like ‘David Bowie’ weird and sexual”. This celebrity opened the door for other iconic celebrities that I will also eulogize. 

So with a heavy heart, I am forced to say goodbye to the affectionate nickname used in Variety articles, in this case, The Purple One.

I will update this post when the next one dies.