John and Kyle Episode Five: “Something a Little More Epic”

John and Kyle Episode Five: “Something a Little More Epic”

There’s only one thing left on The List. Check out the fifth and final episode of our comedy web series!

Comedy Geniuses Responsible:

Written by and Starring: John Horan & Kyle Vorbach
Directed by: Erich Westfield

Prepare for a thrill ride– the epic finale to the John and Kyle Do Everything web series is here. We do everything (no pun intended) in this episode, from a crazy action sequence (look out for a HUGE wow moment in a moving car), to some CRAZY flashbacks, to a funny and hopefully heartfelt ending. We hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think on Twitter!

What is John and Kyle Do Everything?
John and Kyle is Future Boyfriends’ comedy web series following two best friends who try to do every possible thing in the world, but end up ruining their roommate’s love life in the process. It’s an over-the-top, funny adventure about stupid kids in a big, scary world.