High Science: Do We Live In A Multiverse?

High Science: Do We Live In A Multiverse?

Today, our High Scientist tries to explain how we all live in a giant Multiverse. High Science’s DEBUT EPISODE!

Comedy Geniuses Responsible:

Hosted by: Sydney Morin
Produced by: Kyle Vorbach & Alyssa Berdie

The debut episode of Future Boyfriends’ BRAND NEW web series, High Science! We’re kicking it off with a crazy one, so get ready to have your mind blown as much as our scientist’s was. New videos EVERY WEEK from here on out! Let us know what you think on Twitter!

What is High Science?
High Science is a comedy web series where a weekly “Scientist” guest smokes up and attempts to explain complicated scientific concepts. Done in the style of the crappy VHS videos we were all shown in High School, each episode’s Bill Nye-type host attempts to explain concepts like evolution, the infinitely expanding universe, and how airplanes work.