Watch High Science.

There is a higher chance that we live in a computer simulation than not. Wrap your head around that one. Now smoke a bowl, and try to explain that on camera. Welcome to High Science.

What is High Science?

High Science is a comedy web series where a weekly “Scientist” guest smokes up and attempts to explain complicated scientific concepts. Done in the style of the crappy VHS videos we were all shown in High School, each episode’s Bill Nye-type host attempts to explain concepts like evolution, the infinitely expanding universe, and how airplanes work.

Who Let This Happen?

Co-created by Host Sydney Morin and Future Boyfriend Kyle Vorbach with the help of Producer Alyssa Berdie, High Science became Future Boyfriends’ flagship web series at launch. Check out our first episode below!

High Science: Do We Live In A Multiverse?
High Science – Do We Live in a Multiverse?

High Science is a Future Boyfriends original production.

  • Kyle Vorbach – Executive Producer
  • Sydney Morin – Host / Producer
  • Alyssa Berdie – Producer

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