What is the meaning of this?!?!

Future Boyfriends is a comedy network and platform with contributors in both New York and Los Angeles. We make content that is bold, stylish and the loudest damn voice in the room. Founded by John Horan and Kyle Vorbach after finishing the web series John and Kyle Do Everything, Future Boyfriends is a destination for anything funny and awesome. The page for our comedy articles has wolves on it. You dig?

John Horan & Kyle Vorbach in Food Music Babies Cats
John Horan & Kyle Vorbach in John and Kyle Do Everything

Tell me more about this “comedy”

We release new original content as often as we humanly can. While we do short films, sketches, and many comedy articles, our main attraction is the many web series that we produce. After the success of John and Kyle Do Everything, we branched out to produce our newest comedy series, including High Science and Goodnight John. We also have a very funny Twitter.

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